Use Cases

Here are just a few of the awesome things you can build with LinePilot. We're expanding this section soon - so if you'd like to share what you've built with LinePilot - get in touch!


Calculate Pricing on your HubSpot deals

Build your very own CPQ module right inside HubSpot. Just use deal properties to store the data about the products you're pricing up, such as package, custom discounts, margin calculations and much more. Then, build a LinePilot template to pull that data into line items - now you have an instant price calculation that you can use anywhere in HubSpot.

Quote template

Templated Quotes in HubSpot

Are your Sales teams finding quoting in HubSpot frustrating because of data entry? LinePilot can automate the process of adding line items to your HubSpot deal, meaning that when your Sales teams go to create a quote, price data is already there. Combine this with HubSpot's custom quote templates for layout and you have an easy, configurable quoting system, all inside HubSpot.

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Automate Invoices or Payments

Want to automate your invoicing using HubSpot Commerce or Invoice Stack? You'll need to get the correct line items onto your deals every time. Use LinePilot to copy deal data to create line items ready to invoice. Even if all you need is a single line item with the deal amount - LinePilot's got you covered.


Populate Deals Automatically

If you've automated your deal creation, perhaps based on triggers elsewhere in your sales/marketing funnel such as form submissions, you'll have spotted it's not possible to easily specify line items. Give your sales teams the right data in the right format by populating line items on deals automatically with LinePilot


Bundled Products in HubSpot

Have a single product entity that needs to be expanded into mutiple products in HubSpot? It's easy with LinePilot. Simply set up a template for each bundle, and populate the lines automatically. LinePilot will even leave the original product in place, so that you have all of the data, ready to integrate with quoting or billing platforms.