Walkthrough: Easier Quotes in HubSpot with LinePilot

5 minute video · Written by admin · Last updated 05 Feb 2024

Are your Sales teams finding quoting in HubSpot frustrating because of data entry? LinePilot can automate the process of adding line items to your HubSpot deal, meaning that when your Sales teams go to create a quote, price and product data is already there. 

Combine this with HubSpot's custom quote templates for layout and you have an easy, configurable quoting system, all inside HubSpot.

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The Problem

In this tutorial we're going to walk through how LinePilot can fill in quote data automatically for the Sales teams. We're going to use a fictional example of an EV Chargers business. At the moment their Sales team are manually putting together quotes in emails, from the deal record, just like this:

Quote in an email

So on the quote we have a standard survey charge, an installation fee and a price for the chargers that's dependent on how many they have. A smart salesperson may have a template for this, but it's a pretty manual process, and all the price calculation is done manually.

So what's the problem? Well if you're a HubSpot admin or Sales or RevOps leader - you'll understand that having data like this (not inside line items and not inside a quote) means that you can't report on these line items that you're selling, you can't forecast inventory, you can't report on what products are sold to what industry and you can't link this information into invoicing, payments etc. 

We need to change the process - but still keep it easy for Salespeople - so let's automate it with LinePilot!

Setting up LinePilot 

First, we need to set up a LinePilot template. In LinePilot you usually have a different template for each different type of deal, a template adds your line items automatically. 

We're going to configure our template to trigger when the deal moves to "Quote Prepared" in our deal pipeline:

Quote prepared

Then, we can add a filter to only apply the templates when the deal type is "Standard Installation" - this is just a standard property that's already on the deal.

Then, we just specify our line items. We're going to add one for EV Chargers, Survey Charge and Installation. You can either add them from the HubSpot product library or set them up from scratch. We can specify the SKU code, description, price and even the quantity.

Here we're setting the quantity to match a deal property that we added called "EV Chargers Quantity". We can prompt the Salespeople to fill out this field when the deal moves to "Quote prepared" - then the pricing will get calculated automatically.

You can add lots more properties here if you like, such as billing frequency, terms, or even discounts.

Line items for EV Chargers

Create a quote

Now, once we've turned on the template, as soon as any deal moves to quote prepared, the line items magically appear. Then when we start up HubSpot quotes, the line items and the price calculation are all in place. You're not just limited to HubSpot quotes, even tools such as Pandadoc will read your line items and insert them into a template. 

Line Items in quote

The best bit is this is all automated, so the process for the Sales Team is so simple, and there's no risk of things getting forgotten or miscalculated. LinePilot de-dupes everything each time it runs so you'll never end up with messy data or duplicated line items.

And for the RevOps team or HubSpot admins - it means you have access to all the amazing reports, automations, and all with no data entry.

That's a quick overview of just how powerful LinePilot can be - give it a try today and see what you can build!